About Vast Sky
Leadership is a Human Space
Our practices focus on empathy, compassion, openness, and authenticity.
Our approach is fluid and uncommonly human, diving into the depths of clients’ souls to reveal the hopes and aspirations, and insecurities and dissatisfactions that leaders often experience but rarely share. No stone is left unturned as we explore the essence of what makes our leaders tick.
Our clients undergo a profound transformation in their self-perception, personal journey, and continuous growth.
Clear leadership vision and values
Enhanced self-awareness
A new way of being
Fit Determination
The leader and coach meet initially to evaluate whether their values, comfort, and chemistry align. They discuss the coaching process and define their roles and responsibilities.
The assessment phase includes conducting a Personal Values exercise, administering an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment, a 360 Feedback process, and interviews with the client’s immediate supervisor or executive sponsor for valuable feedback and input.
The client’s personal values and EQ assessment are discussed, as well as their 360 results. The focus is on clarifying their leadership vision, holistic vision, and values, and determining personal themes and goals. A formal Development Plan is drafted to outline their goals, action items, and success indicators, which was then reviewed and refined.
The alignment session provides the opportunity for the leader to align and gain support from their sponsoring executive on the leader's goals, actions, and measurements of success.
In our coaching sessions, the client speaks to whatever is top of mind for them - be it related to their goals directly or indirectly. The coach actively listens and asks questions to help the client achieve the most they can during session, leaving with a set of actionable steps to support their growth.
Leadership Reflections & Closing Alignment
As a final stage, the leader reflects with their sponsor on their growth during the coaching process. This meeting serves as a valuable platform for all parties to share their perspective on the client’s progress, highlighting the observed impact and identifying potential avenues for further development.
Better Leaders, Better Culture
Elevate your culture from the top down. Let’s connect and work toward a positive transformation.
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