Emotional Intelligence Expert | Executive Coach |
Leadership Developer | Facilitator
Chris Bolling
“Change begins with a choice: the choice to be a better leader, lead a more fulfilled life, or reach for your highest potential. From that choice, the work becomes clear and unlimited possibilities unfold.”

Chris is all about uncovering possibilities. He’s about breaking through barriers or busting self-limiting narratives in service of your greatest aspirations. He thrives on forging leaders that lead with soul and live with purpose. He’s about cultivating enduring change, and the ease that comes from skillful and authentic leadership. As co-founder of Vast Sky Leadership, Chris brings 30 years of business, leadership, and coaching experience in service of you and your organization.

Chris has skillfully played a broad range of executive leadership roles, including corporate strategy, domestic and international business development, marketing, operations, sales force management, real estate, and store development. Chris is known for his exceptional strategic planning skills, dedicated and passionate leadership style, and ability to translate vision into well-executed strategies that produce results.

As your executive coach, Chris will challenge you to your highest potential, cultivating excellence in the whole person and tapping into your deepest, most authentic wisdom.  With a focus on clarity of purpose, increased self-awareness, and authentic communication, Chris knows how to transform your leadership and inspire you to develop yourself to your highest potential.

When he’s not working with you on your journey to develop and grow, Chris is outdoors.  In the mountains or on the water, he enjoys everything that nature has to bring. He loves daily hikes in the surrounds of Jackson Hole, an overland adventure into the Western backcountry, a deep powder day in the Tetons, or the solitude of time on the river with his fly rod.

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